Botox Party – How to have a Successful Botox Party

Botox Party – How to have a Successful Botox Party

Botox Party

Having a botox party is not only an opportunity to feel a bit younger, but it is also a great time to socialize with your girlfriends. Here are a few steps to help you have a successful party and welcome your guests.

Botox Party prep

  • Find a Doctor who enjoys taking time out of the office to participate in a Botox party
    • Dr. Courtney is definitely who I would recommend in the Houston area. Dr. Courtney and his staff make you feel at ease, are humble, and genuinely take care of you. It’s obvious they love what they do and love their patients.
  • Guest List: Invite your girlfriends and their girlfriends, invite them all!
    • Your goal is to invite a least 6 guest who want to receive Botox or fillers while at your party. This will ensure you and your doctor a successful visit, while also getting you a little free Botox for yourself.
  • Time + Date: Pick a time that most of your girlfriends can attend and that does not interfere with your doctors surgical schedule. I usually like to have an event like this on a Sunday afternoon. This way most of my girlfriends can have the dads watch the kids and anyone who works will be able to stop by.
  • Food + Drink: I like to keep things simple, but festive. I also love the brunch style feel. That’s why a charcuterie table is totally my speed. It is easy, fun, and adds character without having to add a decor budget.
    • I also like to provide a mimosa bar, some white wine, and water.
Charcuterie Table
Charcuterie Table

To add extra detail, you can also set up a welcome station, selfie station, and/or ask your doctor to provide some samples for your guest to take home.

Grab a glass of wine and have fun! You are about to look 10 years younger!

Botox Party – before

Before Botox

Botox Party – After

After Botox

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