Ella and I ran to Joann Fabrics last week in search of spring florals and came home with something completely different. 

There is a 3 tier crate wall hanging from an online antique store that I have been wanting for the longest time, but it is currently out of our budget. Jason even made the comment that I shouldn’t spend extra dollars on something I can make myself. – Let’s me honest. He’s right. However, the problem I was coming up with was that the price to create the crate wall decor wasn’t inexpensive either. So, inevitably, I dropped the entire idea. 

I don’t stop by Joann Fabrics often because I really didn’t know much about it before. I know Hobby Lobby (as we all do), Amazon, and Target. Well, Joann Fabrics nailed it the other day. No, we did not get spring florals, but I got to create my own version of the crate wall hanging I had been so desperately wanting to do, and for under $40. The white buckets were 50% off, the black wire was only $2, and the cashier looked into every coupon imaginable to get me the best deal. 

I know it is such a small thing, but isn’t it awesome how God works? Here’s this project that would not mean much to most, but to me, it’s my job and my therapy. 

All you need to do this is some black wire, 3 buckets with nail holes, a wall to hang, and fillers for your bucket. That is it! 

I simply slipped the wire starting with my top bucket through the nail holes and wrapped the wire around the holes so the buckets would stay in place. I do, however, have nails behind each bucket for extra security. 

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