DIY Fireplace Mantle

DIY Fireplace Mantle

We are absolutely in love with our new mantle! This DIY project has definitely been our easiest project in the house, and our most visible! You can hear about the experience and get everything you need for your own mantle in the video below.


  • Measure out your mantle space (I would suggest rounding up)
  • Head to your local retailer (all items are clickable) and purchase the material list needed
  • Stain your wood
  • Measure your space once your wood is dry to see if, or where you need to cut. NOTE: We bought boards that were 2ft. longer, so we would have material for the side pieces
  • Cut the top board if needed
  • Place it on top of your current mantle and add your L arms
  • Nail in your side pieces to your top board (you can always use gorilla glue, we simply like non permanent options)
  • Nail your front board to your side boards and top boards, spreading out nails for durability.
  • Enjoy your new mantle!

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