Thank you so much for stopping by! Are you curious to know what’s behind this business of mine?

Here’s the scoop… I honestly do not know if ANYONE will ever even see this. I mean who am I? Just a simple Jesus blessed, southern girl with two redheaded kids, a love for fashion, new home to decorate, and thing for Chick-fil-A tea (half and half… It’s amazing). This little adventure all came into play when we closed our mom and pop boutique so we could spend more time focusing on the kids, new home, and other businesses. With that being said, we are taking photos of this journey anyway, so why not share it? I mean, I’m not shopping a store without a sale, and I’m definitely not trying a DIY project without the instructions, so… I figure we can all shop and get our hands dirty together!

The Redheads´╗┐

I have blonde hair, Jason has brown; I have blue eyes, Jason had brown… So, where did the red hair and Jaxon’s green eyes come from? My usual answer is the milk man, but I assume that doesn’t make me look too good… HAHA! 

These babies are our everything. They are our reasons “why”. I could simply sit at home and play with them all day, or I could strive to teach them the values of hard work, tough skin, and the value of a dollar (while also playing a game or two). I want them to know that you can do what you love, and bring the value of it along the way. I want them to learn that being themselves and kindness goes a long way… that spreading joy in today’s world is not only good for others, but is pleasing to their heart as well. 

The Hubs

If it wasn’t for this guy, my everyday would be four gray 5′ foot walls with pictures of what I’d be dreaming of doing vs. what I love. He listens to my crazy ideas (even if they make sense in my head but that’s it), suggests nitty gritty DIY projects that are only going to keep him up at night but turn out to be a masterpiece. He stands behind the camera while I act like I know what I’m doing but am really just figuring this thing out as I go. He’s a rock star and one you definitely want on your team.


The one thing I loved more than anything in our store was the conversations, giggles, and precious memories made with my sweet customers turned friends. When we closed the store I knew we were doing it for a good reason, but my heart broke because I seriously did not know how I was going to meet new friends. I mean, we found our new neighborhood from a neighboring shop owner turned friend, I found my doctor who delivered Ella from a customer turned friend, and so much more! That place was my mommy-hood “go to” for everything! I simply couldn’t let that joy pass, and y’all bring all of those “feels” back on the daily. You all make life so much sweeter.